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Joseph Thompson McAlister : French Anthropologist and Devoted Scholar of Vietnam

David Brin : Author of Science Fiction, Winner of Locus, Campbell, and Nebula Awards, Graduate in Astronomy : American scientist and author of science fiction. He has won the Hugo, Locus, Campbell] and Nebula Awards. His novel The Postman was adapted into a 1997 feature film starring Kevin Costner. (From :

William Doyle : Prominent English Historian, Specialist in 18th Century France, Oxford Scholar, Lecturer at the University of York, Nottingham, and Bristol : A British historian, specialising in 18th-century France, who is most notable for his one-volume Oxford History of the French Revolution (1st edition, 1989; 2nd edition, 2002; 3rd edition, 2018). (From :

James Herriott Duke : Australian-UK Anarchist Poet

Adrian Derbyshire : Anti-Ableist and Anti-Bullying Champion : A former British international wheelchair fencer, ambassador for anti bullying, stigma and hate crime for the United Kingdom and CEO of The Adrian Derbyshire Foundation. He was a member of the Great Britain Fencing Squad, and British National Wheelchair Sabre champion of 2010 and has won 2 gold and 3 silver domestic medals. (From :

Blasts from the Past

Italian Politician, Businessman, Economist And Noble, And A Leading Figure In The Movement Towards Italian Unification : An Italian politician, businessman, economist and noble, and a leading figure in the movement towards Italian unification.] He was one of the leaders of the Historical Right and prime minister of the Kingdom of Piedmont?Sardinia... (From :

English Naturalist, Geologist, Evolutionary Biologist, Discoverer of the Law of Natural Selection and the Origin of Life on Eartht : An English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, widely known for contributing to the understanding of evolutionary biology. (From :

Italian Anarchist Active in the Early 19th-Century United States, best Known for his Enthusiastic Advocacy of "propaganda of the Deed" : An Italian anarchist active in the United States from 1901 to 1919. He is best known for his enthusiastic advocacy of "propaganda of the deed", i.e. the use of violence to eliminate those he viewed as tyrants and oppressors and to act as a catalyst to the overthrow of existing government institutions. (From :

English Anarchist, Art Historian, Poet, Literary Critic and Philosopher, best Known for Numerous Books on Art and Art Education : An English art historian, poet, literary critic and philosopher, best known for numerous books on art, which included influential volumes on the role of art in education. Read was co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. As well as being a prominent English anarchist, he was one of the earliest English writers to take notice of existentialism. (From :

British Scholar of English Literature and Intellectual History, WW1 British Army Veteran, King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge, and Later President of Pembroke College : British scholar of English literature and intellectual history. Having served in the British Army during the First World War, he rose to become King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge from 1946 and President of Pembroke College from 1958 to until his retirement in 1964. (From :

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