Herodotus : Author of the "Histories," Ancient Greek Historian, Geographer, Resident of the Greek City of Halicarnassus

484 BCE — 425 BCE

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Quotes by Herodotus
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An ancient Greek historian and geographer from the Greek city of Halicarnassus, part of the Persian Empire (now Bodrum, Turkey) and a later citizen of Thurii in modern Calabria (Italy). He is known for having written the Histories ? a detailed account of the Greco-Persian Wars. Herodotus was the first writer to perform systematic investigation of historical events. He is referred to as "The Father of History", a title conferred on him by the ancient Roman orator Cicero.

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Quotes by Herodotus

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Writings by Herodotus

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484 BCE
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425 BCE
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