Miguel Garc?a Garc : Spanish Anarchist, Writer, Franco-Era Political Prisoner, Confederaci?n Nacional Del Trabajo (CNT) Activist since Childhood

1908 — 1981

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Quotes by Miguel Garc?a Garc
Writings by Miguel Garc?a Garc

A Spanish anarchist and writer. He was a political prisoner during the Franco era. In his youth, Garc?a became affiliated with anarchism and his family belonged to the Confederaci?n Nacional del Trabajo (CNT). As a young newsboy, after being hurt at a rally for greater pay, he left Barcelona for France, where he learned the language. During the Spanish Civil War, he drove arms across the French border into Republican Spain.

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Quotes by Miguel Garc?a Garc

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Writings by Miguel Garc?a Garc

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