Towards Anarchism

By Errico Malatesta (1982)

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(1853 - 1932)

Italian, Anarchist, Propagandist, Revolutionary Socialist, Editor of Radical Newspapers, Exiled and Expelled from Italy, England, France, and Switzerland

: An Italian anarchist propagandist and revolutionary socialist. He edited several radical newspapers and spent much of his life exiled and imprisoned, having been jailed and expelled from Italy, England, France, and Switzerland. Originally a supporter of insurrectionary propaganda by deed, Malatesta later advocated for syndicalism. (From:

"Towards Anarchism," by Errico Malatesta, first appeared in English in the Depression era periodical MAN! This little essay was highly regarded by the revolutionary anarchist prisoner Carl Harp (1949-1981) who suggested reprinting it in this form. First printing, 1982 by: Black Cat Press, P.O. Box 11261, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Quotes from Towards Anarchism, by Errico Malatesta

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